Our Team strives to create remarkable and outstanding communication projects for the real world since 1980. We pride ourselves in being autonomous, independent and down-to-earth. We provide access to all communication disciplines within one team.


Sarah Luo. Graphic Design Intern.

Matthias Plattner. Creative Direction.

Dominik Fahrni. Web Development.

Adriana Garibay. Graphic Design Intern.

Simon Kovatsch. Chef.

Ruedi Schorno. Art Direction.

Laura Tobler. Graphic Design.

Thomas Roffler. Produktion.

Fabian Seiler. Graphic Designer.

Lola. Office Dog.

Didier Küng. CEO.

Antonio Freitas Ribeiro. Graphic Design.

Lara Berardi. Administration.

Thomas Winter. Produktion.

Nadia Küng. Administration.

Felix Gasser. Lektorat.