A quick taste of our work. Because we’ve been in business for over 31 years, there are nearly too many projects to count! During the last 7 years alone, we have worked on 4,125 projects for 115 clients in 15 different sectors. We are incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities!


Credit Suisse. Investment Outlook 2018.

Credit Suisse. Supertrends.

Progresso. Game.

ZVV. Annual Report 2017.

Miele. VR-Game.

Samsung+ Content & Structure.

Staiger. Corporate Identity & Website.

Miele. Swissbau.

Credit Suisse. Allowance Study.

Zurich City police departement. Digital rights.

Swiss Banking Redesign.

Swiss Bankers Association. Website.

WSAG. Website.

Rüschlikon. Corporate Design.

L-GAV. Annual report.

L-GAV. Campaigning.

Swisslos. Sporttip Redesign.

Sport-Toto annual report 2017

Sporthilfe. Corporate Identity.

Sporthilfe. One Team.

Falkenbräu Baden. Cheers.

Super10Kampf. Event-App.

Pocket Guide. Workplace Security

Samsung. GoPlus.

Samsung. 24/7 E-Learning.

Samsung. Unbox Your Phone.