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Credit Suisse. Investment Outlook 2018.

Miele. Poster Campaign.

ZSG. Timetable 2019.

IKM Guggenbühl. Children’s Book. Illustrations. Book Cover. Layout.

Staiger. Corporate Identity & Website.

Progresso. Game.

Cliq. hidden objects illustration

Credit Suisse. Investment Outlook 2019.

IKM Guggenbühl. Canton of Berne. Cliq. Slipcase.

Swiss Banking Redesign.

ZVV. Annual Report 2017.

Samsung. GoPlus.

L-GAV. Annual report.

Swisslos. Sporttip Redesign.

ZSG. Unique Cruises.

Credit Suisse. Supertrends.

Miele. VR-Game.

Samsung+ Content & Structure.

Sport-Toto annual report 2017

Sporthilfe. Corporate Identity.

Edition Zazel. realtalk.ch

ETH. D-MAVT Master Programs.